Superior Taurus Industrial Corporation

Aluminum Die Casting Foundry located in Taipei, Taiwan. ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified. Sales, engineering and logistics are handled exclusively through our office in New Jersey.

Equipment List

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Die Casting Equipment

Item NoDescriptionSpec.Q'tyRemark
01Die Casting Machine (TOYO)125 Tons3 SetsFull-Automatic
02Die Casting Machine (CHF)150 Tons3 SetsFull-Automatic
03Die Casting Machine (TOYO)200 Tons1 SetFull-Automatic
04Die Casting Machine (TOYO)250 Tons2 SetsFull-Automatic
05Die Casting Machine (TOYO)350 Tons5 SetsFull-Automatic
06Successive Melting Furnace500 Kg7 SetsMelting Efficiency-150Kg/Hr
07Trimming Press Machine10 Tons12 Sets
08Shot Peening Machine2 Sets
09Die Thermoregulation (TOYO)1 To 23 Set
10Vacuum System1 To 52 Sets

Machining Equipment

Item NoDescriptionSpec.Q'tyRemark
01CNC Lathe Machine5 Sets
02CNC Lathe Machine5 SetsFull automatic operation with robot for housing pump drive
03CNC Machining Center Machine3 Sets

Special Machining Equipment

Item NoDescriptionSpec.Q'tyRemark
01Special Purpose Machine (SPM)Designed & Constructed By TAURUS 3 SetsFor Anodized Motor End Housing (Include Install With Error-proofing System 100%Full-Automatic Inspection)
02Special Purpose Machine (SPM)Designed & Constructed By TAURUS7 SetsFor Steering Column Support Capsule (Include Install With Error-proofing System 100%Full-Automatic Inspection)
03Special Purpose Machine (SPM)Designed & Constructed By TAURUS5 SetsFor Holder Strain (Include Install With Error-proofing System 100%Full-Automatic Inspection)
04Special Purpose Machine (SPM)Designed & Constructed By TAURUS1 SetFor Tilt Housing (Include Install With Error-proofing System )
05Special Purpose Machine (SPM)Designed & Constructed By TAURUS3 SetsFor Housing-Wheel Shaft (Include Install With Error-proofing System )

Quality Control Equipment

Item NoDescriptionSpec.Q'tyRemark
01X-rayFP-171 SetBalteau
02Spectrometer1 SetSpectro
03CMM1 SetDea
04CMM (Combine with probe & optical Project Function)1 SetWerth (Automatic)
05CMM2 SetsBrown & Sharpe (Automatic)
06Height Master1 SetTrimos
07Contour Measuring Instrument1 SetMitutoyo
08Profilometer1 SetTesa
09Micrometer, Caliper, Block Gage and Attribute gagesManyTesa